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Choice Cloud Computer Based Test

Choice cloud CBT provides you fantastic tools to screen your candidates for better, faster, and unbiased hiring experience. While our candidate exam practice mode allows candidates to practice most common exams like JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GMAT, etc to guarantee their success rates. Available as cloud hosted and Desktop Version (offline). Perfect alternatives to TestGorilla. Best alternative to iMocha.

CBT Pricing

Pick a plan that works for you

Cloud Hosted Versions

Candidate Practice Mode

$ 1 Annum
  • Exam Practice mode
  • Free offline activation key per account.
  • Mobile phones and Tablets Access
  • Students 1
  • One X Free Offline activation on Computers per each account
  • 30 Days Free Trial


$ 9
Naira N6,500/Month
  • Exam Practice mode
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Students
  • Academic courses/grades/question bank import
  • Live Examinations-Exam list/schedule/add mark
  • Exam Preview
  • Exam pin-fraud prevention
  • Student report card
  • Exam report
  • Email candidates
  • Multiple exam access like dev/uat/production
  • Custom sub-domain
  • Frontend CMS site
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • Login into our Webshop
  • Select “Shop” on the left-hand side menu.
  • Select Cbt-Online-Business
  • Choose custom domain, assuming you like your CBT url to be installed on
  • Type ONLY exampro in the subdomain without any dot or any other characters
  • In the payment methods, select “Paystack” if you like trial for 30days, then choose “ Stripe Trial” 
  • The trial is only available to continue in USD for paid subscription in case you like to pay in Naira after trial ends, you need to deploy on a new URL.

CBT Naira online Payment

CBT Desktop Versions (JAMB/WAEC/NECO etc)

$1 per license activation

N1,000 per license activation

  • Work without Internet (only requires Internet for license activation)

  • Perfect JAMB CBT practice software covering more than 10,000 questions

  • All in one CBT comes with POST UTME screening questions.

  • JAMB past questions covering the last 15 years on 10 key subjects

  • Import your own questions like WAEC, NECO etc

  • All features of our CBT Business but in offline mode.

  • Support multiple users accounts on the same licensed computer-perfect for buddy sharing.

  • License activation valid for 365 days.

  • FREE license activation for 30days

USD Stripe $1
Naira Paystack N1,000

Distributors & Resellers WANTED

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Our Distributors earn up to 50% commissions of our Desktop software price (minimum order quantity applied)

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